Avoid The Mess | Tips For Managing Anger

Avoid The Mess | Tips For Managing Anger

10 Tips To Deal With Anger

Do you get mad? If you aren’t cybernetically enhanced then likely you do. That’s okay. It’s part of being human. The real question isn’t whether or not you get mad. The real question is, what you do once you are mad. Many of us explode when we are angry. While this may feel good in the moment, the damage we inflict and the destruction we cause hurts us in the long run. Once we get mad, the rational part of our brain, the prefrontal lobes, turn off (often resulting in us saying things we don’t mean). How can we avoid the negative consequences of getting angry? Here are some tips that can help you deal with your anger in a constructive way.

Think before you speak

In the heat of the moment, it is easy to say something you will later regret. Take a few moments to gather your thoughts and allow them to do the same. Even counting backward from five before responding can give your mind an opportunity to put on a filter and avoid saying something you’ll regret.

Take a timeout

Timeouts are not only for children. Give yourself short breaks throughout the day; A few moments of peace can greatly assist you in dealing with your trigger situations.

Once you are calm, specify your anger

Once calm, express your frustration in an assertive but non-confrontational way. State your issues and desires clearly but without causing harm. Or trying to regulate them.

Get some physical exercise

Physical exercise has been known to decrease the stress that often causes anger. If you feel your anger escalating, choose a brisk walk, run, or any other physical activity.

Identify feasible options

Rather than focusing on what made you angry, work on solving the problem at hand. Is your partner late for dinner each night? Schedule meals later. Maybe it isn’t ideal for you to eat later, but what’s better? To be angry every time they are late, or to just eat later?

Do not hold a grudge

Forgiveness is really a powerful tool. If you allow anger, as well as other unfavorable emotions to dominate you, you may find yourself swallowed up by your own bitterness or feeling of injustice.

Stick with ‘I’ statements

To prevent criticizing or even placing blame – which could only improve tension – use ‘I’ statements to explain the issue. Be sincere as well as specific. For instance, say, ‘I’m get upset when I have to do the dishes without help,’ rather than, ‘You never do any housework.’

Practice relaxation

Whenever your mood flares, put your relaxation skills to work. Practice deep-breathing workouts, imagine a calming scene, or repeat a chilled word or phrase like, ‘Take it easy.’ You may also listen to songs, write in a journal or even do a few yoga poses – whatever it will take to inspire relaxation.

Use humor to release stress

Using humor can help you more easily face what is making you angry and allow you to face any unrealistic expectations you may have. But try avoiding sarcasm. While also a form of humor, sarcasm focuses on the negative which is exactly what you don’t want to do.

Know when to seek help

Learning to regulate anger can be a problem for everybody. Consider seeking assistance for anger problems.

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