3 Reasons Your Kid Should Be In Sports

3 Reasons Your Kid Should Be In Sports

With the end of summer vacation already upon us, kids will be excitedly anticipating, or nervously dreading, going back to school. The new school year comes with new classes, new friends, new teachers and new experiences. One way to get your child back into the groove of school routine while also encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle is through sports.

Sports play the perfect role in boosting confidence and teamwork, which builds character under the guise of fun. It promotes positive exercise, establishes group bonding, and helps your child build strong, healthy muscles and bones.

Your child will benefit from team sports extensively, and here’s why:

Community Building and Inclusion

Sports are unique in that your child will belong to a team. This is beneficial because your child will learn how to contribute to a group, and encourage others while having peers to do the same. Being a part of a team creates a sense of belonging. Support from school mates, coaches, and parents will fortify your child’s self-regard. Praise and criticism come side by side when playing sports, and learning how to accept both while letting it motivate you positively is an essential skill in itself. Your child will be given the opportunity to explore themselves and will contribute largely to his personal growth.

Maintenance of Exercise

Nowadays, it has become a constant battle to tear children away from Netflix, video games, and other electronic devices. What this often means is that our children are spending a majority of their time inactive, sitting in chairs or lounging on couches whenever they get the chance. If you take advantage of sports, your child will have the incentive to get up off the couch, exercise and stay in shape. There will be instant motivation to be their best, healthy self.

Education on Respect and Sportsmanship

While training and team-playing, children learn about the importance of respect. The value of treating coaches, teammates, and opposing teams with courtesy, dignity, and kindness is emphasized regularly in sports. The lack of sportsmanship is often penalized during games and a zero tolerance for disrespect is common. In addition, sports require a set of rules that must be followed. These guidelines are a wonderful reinforcement, reflecting that rules outside of the sport (at school, at home, etc.) are to be adhered to in the same manner. Your child will not only be taught the value of good conduct and good will but will be in an environment where these qualities are prioritized and continually asserted.

Youth group sports foster physical, social and emotional health, contributing to personal development and growth of one’s character. Sports educate, boost team spirit, indulge in personal enjoyment and celebrate a healthy lifestyle. As parents, it is our duty to raise our children to live their best life but it is also our duty to lead by example. Let’s Move Vancouver has many events and workshops that can help with that. For more information on upcoming events, Click Here