Vesna’s Vegan Crêpes | Think Green Supper Club

Vesna’s Vegan Crêpes | Think Green Supper Club

-4 cups non-dairy milk
-Approx. 2 cups flour (just shy of 2 full cups)
-2 tablespoons ground flaxseed
-2 teaspoons cornstarch or arrowroot powder
-1-2 tablespoons organic cane sugar

Place the non-dairy milk in the blender first, then add all the other ingredients. Blend on low to medium until incorporated (no need to over-blend). The consistency should be thinner than regular pancake batter.

Using an 8-inch non-stick pan or crepe pan is ideal. Heat it over medium heat. Add a teaspoon of oil to the pan (avocado oil works well; so does plain olive oil… not the extra-virgin kind). Shake the pan to distribute the oil. The oil in the pan should resemble droplets of rain. Avoid puddles of oil—large concentrations of oil will “grab” the batter and make it difficult to spread the batter.

Test the batter by making one or two crepes and adjust the batter with either more flour or more milk/water, if necessary. One ladleful of batter per crepe is a good rule-of-thumb. Pour it slowly and gently rotate the pan until the entire pan is evenly covered with batter.

If the batter doesn’t easily spread across the pan, the batter is too thick. Also, if the pan seems to fry the batter so quickly that you can’t spread it out all over the pan, the stove may be too hot. You’ll always need to add a teaspoon of oil for each individual crepe.

When you see some steam coming off the edges of the crepe, it’s a good indication the crepe is ready or near ready to flip. Quiver the pan gently back and forth to see if it releases the crepe. When the crepe slides easily back and forth and the bottom appears spotted, you are ready to flip. Keep in mind the first side of the crepe takes longer to cook than the second side.

If the crepe simply will not release from the pan, either (1) your pan/stove is too hot, (2) you have a lousy pan, or (3) your batter is too thin.

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